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CDBS Meets with Shell Elementary

Students at Hawthorne public schools could soon be able to have their teeth cleaned at school—for free

A child receiving sealants.

Community Based Programs

The Department of CDBS provides services that encourage the community to be more aware of oral health status and preventative measures in dental care.

Two crossed toothbrushes on a black background.

TV20 Airs Story on 3rd Grade Dental Screenings

TV20 News segment about the Alachua County Surveillance program developed by Dr. Scott Tomar and coordinated through CDBS.

A young boy receives a dental exam.

Dollars and Dentists

Dr. Catalanotto is featured in a PBS Frontline story about access to dental care entitled Dollars and Dentists.

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The mission of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science is to eliminate disparities in health status and access to health care services, promote optimal oral health, and prevent disease through our research, teaching and service.

Through our research, we strive to integrate behavioral, social, economic, and cultural factors into interdisciplinary multilevel studies of health. Experimental, epidemiologic, and clinical studies form the basis for the portfolio of current research on pain, oral cancer detection and prevention, tobacco use, access to care, as well as ethnic and gender health disparities.

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